Clarkstown K&B is located in the old village of Clarkstown. Clarkstown was founded in the 1880’s and named after a wealthy merchant named T.M Clark, son-in-law of Thomas McKay. In 1909 Clarkstown and Janesville, another small village to the south, amalgamated to create the Village of Eastview. Today we proudly serve in the city of Ottawa in the New Edinburgh area with an international menu specializing in seafood, gourmet sausages, and more….

For a little taste of what to expect at Clarkstown Kitchen & Bar, we can promise you one thing: sausage aficionados rejoice! Artisanal sausages 2.0, like our Vietnamese inspired chicken lemongrass sausage, aren’t your average ballpark grabs. Even if you opt to skip the array of top notch bangers, the tried and true Paella from the El Meson of days past will be the one and only signature dish making a comeback appearance on the new menu. To top it all off, we boast a selection of 20 local craft brews at the bar to sip along side our wide selection of house made bar snacks.